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Decarbonizing the logistics and transportation industry
CT's Commitment to rCNG

As part of CT’s transportation strategy and complementary to its broader logistics focus, CT is developing a network of renewable compressed natural gas (rCNG) truck fueling and parking stations across the U.S. These stations are leased exclusively to Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) on behalf of one of its largest customers, aiming to decarbonize the transportation industry.

CLNE is the largest distributor of renewable natural gas fuel in North America and operates over 600 stations. Many large fleets are transitioning to rCNG-fueled “Green Trucks” that offer emissions benefits superior to electric trucks, while maintaining range, power, and fueling time similar to diesel trucks.



National Reach

rCNG Leading the Way

Renewable compressed natural gas is emerging as the preferred alternative to diesel and other fossil fuels for medium to heavy duty trucks, and its impact on the transportation of goods is revolutionary. rCNG is actually carbon negative and will make a significant positive impact on the effects of global warming.

Benefits of
rCNG Fueling

  • Up to 500% reduction in carbon emissions
    (subzero/carbon negative)
  • 100% elimination of diesel particulate pollution
  • 100% elimination of petroleum fuel
  • 100% renewable fuel
  • 90% to 98% reduction in local nitrogen oxide
    air pollution
  • 90% less noise than a diesel truck

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