Rickenbacker Logistics Park
Columbus, OH

Rickenbacker Logistics Park is a 5.7M SF industrial development with an exceptional location less than one mile from an intermodal rail yard and the main air cargo facility in the region, Rickenbacker International Airport. The location supports transit to half of the US population in a one-day truck drive. CT is in vertical construction on the first phase of the 8-bulding project and plans shell completion in early 2021.

The project is a joint venture between CT Realty and Walton Street Capital.

Available Buildings
Buliding # Square Feet Delivery Downloads COMMENTS
1 742,140 Completed Brochure Leased
2 404,640 Completed Brochure Leased
3 1,035,120 Brochure
4 918,270 Brochure
5 399,750 Brochure
6 749,550 Brochure
7 749,550 Brochure
8 713,640 Brochure